Finally, a TRUE, RELIABLE solution for e-commerce fulfilment!
What You Can Expect When You Work With Us
  •  Drastically Reduced Refund Requests, PayPal Resolution Cases And Chargebacks
  •  No More Headaches Processing Orders, Payments & Tracking Numbers
  •  Full Help And Support Transitioning Your Dropshipping > E-com Brand
  •  The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
  •  Solutions & Advice to ANY E-Com Issues
  •  Native English, 7 day Customer Support
  •  More Happy, Returning Customers
  •  Greatly Reduced Shipping Delays 
  •  See How Your Orders Are Packed
  •  We Make Your Business LEGIT
  •  Physically See Your Products
  • ​ No More Cheap Packaging
  •  Same Day Processing
BETA Features!
  •  PayPal Tracking Number Updates
  •  Your Own Logo Branded Tracking Page
  •  Tracking Status Console (Similar To Aftership)
  •  2 Way Inventory Management (See Your Live Inventory Within Shopify)
  •  Full Management via Honest FulPhilment Platform (See EVERYTHING That's Going On Behind The Scenes)
Never feel as though you are being kept in the loop? 

Always something to worry about and stress over? 

Ever thought to yourself;
'What's so difficult? Why can't they just pack and send without so much drama dammit!?'

You may have even been BANNED from some Facebook groups for letting fellow members know your honest feedback.

Some well known groups have been advertising fulfilment agents as being the best thing since sliced bread and you can only think to yourself;
"Well, if they are recommending them at their level, then surely they must be good!"

So what happens? You try them out to find out that nothing makes sense or maybe it's just you that is getting poor service but, as a matter of fact, there are many more getting shut down for any truth they speak, just like you!

So on the face of it, their services look perfect until you find out the ugly truth for yourself.

I mean, you're paying for a service, even if you're not using Aliexpress and are using an agent, you were promised; 


Maybe one of the above are accurate if you're lucky but most of them are just hype and false promises.
Maybe you've fallen into this trap a few times and I don't blame you. 

It's a culture thing really - get punters through the door by offering the world (knowing they can't) -  and deal with upset customers (you) later. 

Not only is there a language barrier because a lot relies on system translation but, even after all of these years of international trade, there is still HUGE a culture different.

Not to mention Aliexpress shipping times are just way TOO long and fulfilment agents promise 1 day processing but ends up being 3+.

Imagine having to refund a bunch of your orders because of unhappy customers, oh wait, you probably already have! 

Come on, no type of business can profitably scale with these uncertainties. If you do, then say bye bye to your 'good run' and hello to countless of complaints, chargebacks and ultimately, payment processor seizures.

Honest Fulphilment is affordable and 100% transparent. We know how terrible it is to fulfill using AliExpress and other fulfilment companies that just don't live up to the hype. 

We are all about HONESTY and INTEGRITY.  No BS, FULL STOP!
Choose Your Packaging!
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Dedicated Label Printers For High Volume Clients
👇Using AliExpress or a Bad Agent? You NEED to 
🛑 STOP! 👇
There are Three Major Reasons why AliExpress and sub-par agents prevent most people from scaling in E-commerce, even though Dropshipping is growing at an unstoppable rate all over the globe.
 #1: Long Processing & Shipping Times 
As we all know, waiting an excessive amount of time to receive a product, particularly one that you REALLY want is a huge turn off.

It is very normal for customers to BOUNCE as soon as they see those ridiculous shipping times at checkout.

I'm sure you're not stranger to seeing the huge add to cart > checkout dropout rate.
 #2: Bad "Supplier"
Run into poor “suppliers” who are actually dropshippers just like you, most of who operate from home as a side job with no processes or procedures in place.

It is all too common to wait days, sometimes weeks before they even place your order from a wholesaler, maybe they even forget altogether! In the meantime, they issue you with either fake or dud tracking numbers knowing damn well it's not even close to them dispatching, all to buy them time instead of owning up the their mistake.

Every time you make an enquiry you are fed the same BS and told to wait as it's "processing".

On top of this, you have no control over the product quality or packaging and the communication is extremely slow and robotic at best.

They have no idea of your requirements and honestly couldn’t care less about your business, as long as they make their $ it’s all good! 

 #3: Setting You Apart From The Rest
Advertising costs have gone through the roof, particularly Facebook!

That’s why you NEED TO increase your AOV with up/downsells and squeeze as much revenue per customer as you can, otherwise you have no chance.

So, what happens when your customer purchases that mobile phone case you are running ads to, together with a USB cable upsell and another upsell screen protector? Yup, they will receive 3 separate, cheap, unbranded products in cellophane bags.

Come on, who’s going to buy from you again? You’re better than that! You've paid so much time and money to acquire that customer in the first place and now you're ready to literally throw them in the trash?!

Customer retention skills = BIG FAT 0
What would you do if you could take your E-commerce Brand to the NEXT LEVEL

This is not your typical Ecommerce fulfillment. We'll fully equip you with everything you need to be successful.
Why Honest FulPhilment?
Simply because you shouldn't have to worry about fulfilment.
You just want to put your trust in professionals that can do their job, no excuses! You concentrate on running your business and not stock running out, bad quality product and packaging, lackluster support and 'misunderstandings'
The Game-Changer
Branded E-Commerce
Our goal is to help you make MORE money with the least amount of drama possible.
To do this, we help turn your dropshipping business into a long-term, sustainable branded store.

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed and don't have any idea on what steps to take next, our experienced team will give you free advice and recommendations on the best course of action.

Most fulfillment companies won't help you on that journey, but we pave the path for you.
The Best of The Best
You actually get a choice of who we source from. We take a photo and video once your products arrive, we also show you how they will be packed so you know EXACTLY what your customers receive!

You get to literally leverage all of our premium services like mass fulfillment, white-labeling, and product sourcing, all with western standards and quality of service. 

No other fulfilment company in China can offer this.
All-In-One Support
You will get DAILY updates and support from Phil himself as well as the team, 7 DAY A WEEK, 15 hours a day.

 We treat your business as our own so that you don't have to worry about setbacks and anything being hidden away from you. 

If we ever make a mistake (we are human after all!) we put our hands up and don't make up BS excuses.

We are all about giving superb value to our customers because when you win, we win too!
Who Is Honest FulPhilment For?
If you understand the importance of a premium, western managed service, clear, concise and regular communication, together with the time and hell we can save you which will allow you to scale effortlessly without uncertainties or pressure, then it's a no brainer.

If you're looking for the cheapest possible price while generating less than 20 orders a day, then we are most probably not a good fit.
Our Story
Philip Karageorgis is an accomplished Internet entrepreneur who left his 9-5 job to pursue his E-Commerce business. 

Inspired by his setbacks and hardships with Dropshipping when he started way back in 2015, he realised many E-Commerce Business owners share pretty much the same issues, so he created Honest FulPhilment.

Beginning of 2018, Philip realised that most successful owners of E-commerce brands can get a lot of orders, but even the successful ones are still susceptible to ultimate failure.

The top 1% of TRULY successful E-commerce business owners have product sourcing, their own branding, and high-quality fulfillment. These are vital but most E-commerce businesses struggle to find truly competent and top level companies because of AliExpress sub-par agents have flooded the market - they don't really care and understand their requirements. 

So instead of having to constantly face pitch forks and tikki torches from upset customers, Phillip decided that the best way for people to build a quality, sustainable and consistent E-commerce business that can be reliably SCALED with longevity is by providing the BEST possible service that takes care of all of the problems accompanied with building an E-commerce business.

Honest FulPhilment is your go to place for reliable, transparent and affordable fulfillment.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you have access to a "private-line"?
Yes, we do have access to some private lines. We also have access to services aside from ePacket such as SF, DHL E-Commerce, 4px etc.
  • What are the delivery times and could you show proof?
Our ePacket is pretty much the fastest available, this is mainly due to our location and super efficiency. On average, it takes 10 days for delivery, door to door.

Some EU destinations have blazing the fastest delivery times including UK & Germany which can arrive in 4 days! Tracking numbers below are not cherry picked but randomly selected – we believe in honesty and transparency so we have not deliberately chosen the fastest 4-5 day results across the board, even though that would be very easy to do it would paint a false, deceiving picture - not how we work!
  • Are all shipments fully trackable?
Yes, all of our parcels have end to end tracking meaning you will be able to see that the customer has received their order. We also have options of cheaper, untracked services if you are sending very low ticket, light items
  • What’s your average processing time for products you DON’T have in stock?
On average within 2-3 days
  • What’s your average processing time for products you have in stock?
We process within 1 working day
  • Does your dropshipping service have an app?
Yes, our app syncs with your store so that we can see orders as and when they come through, no need for csvs back and forth, unless of course you prefer CSV fulfilment, we can also use this method, whichever you prefer
  • Do you update tracking numbers directly on Shopify?
Yes, our app will automatically update the tracking numbers, no need for CSVs
  • At what stage in the fulfillment process do you upload the tracking code to our e-com store?
As soon as the parcel is dispatched from our warehouse our app will automatically push the tracking number to your store
  • What happens if a package was not delivered to the customer?
If the customer is at fault due to an incorrect address or any other error, we will be unable to cover this
  • If a product is damaged on arrival or gets lost in transit is this something you cover?
We will send out replacements to any customers where parcels have been lost in transit
  • Can customers return to you?
Yes, we will restock the returned items
  • How many hours a day and days a week will your team be available to contact?
We are available to contact around the clock, 7 days a week but office hours Mon-Sat 9:00-18:00 so can only pack and send parcels within these times
  • Can you recommend best-selling products for me?
Yes, however, as we take our customer’s businesses and privacy very seriously, we will never recommend hot selling products which our customers are dropshipping to protect their performance
  • Can you get any items from China?
We are able to source pretty much ANYTHING from China, even if you can’t find it on Aliexpress
  • Can you put stickers with a logo of our store for each package?
Yes, in fact this is the most cost-effective branding option and can be done fairly cheaply and quickly
  • Where are you located?
We are located in ZhengZhou, Henan, China
  • Can you take product pictures?
Yes, we offer professional photo and video services amongst many others to help take the load off your shoulders, this way you can concentrate on what you are best at and enjoy doing
  • Can I order in bulk and/or single products?
We can help you order whatever you like and however many you wish. Of course, it wouldn’t be cost effective if you just ordered one product at a time and it would be much more expensive than AliExpress or any other dropshipping platform for that matter
  • Do you need a link to the AliExpress product so you know what to look for when buying directly from the suppliers?
Yes, this way we can provide you with an accurate quote
  • Can you beat Aliexpress on price 100% of the time?
Majority of times, yes. It will depend on volume and is negotiable. Having said that, we are not here to compete on price because we offer a far superior, western managed service – the best sourcing, fulfilment and branding company in China, hands down
  • Is the price per package sent or per SKU?
Our main fee is a $2 per parcel packing fee (not SKU) for non bulky items. For larger or more fragile items that require much more packaging materials, there may be an additional fee to cover the costs, this ensures the products arrive safely. Shipping and products are invoiced at COST price, our only charge is the $2 fee + 2% sourcing fee
  • How do I get in contact?
You will have access to me and my team's Slack group and direct access to my FB Messenger and Skype channels
  • Is it possible to have our own (custom) flyers in the package?
Yes, we offer basic to full branding options and can work with you to create a true branding experience for your customers
You Won't Find a Single, Negative Comment of Honest FulPhilment ANYWHERE!
If we do not beat Aliexpress in EVERY aspect (apart from price), we will refund you, plus DOUBLE!
Payment methods accepted including wire transfer which can be transferred to any of our bank accounts held in China, US & HK - fees to be covered by you.
Please complete all of the fields below and we will get in contact. 
IMPORTANT! We are NOT a testing platform and our system is not suited for those who are just starting out, so if you are testing products and/or have very few daily orders we will not be a good fit.
We take your privacy and confidentially extremely seriously. Disclosure is ONLY used for contact for quotation purposes.
We will never share any of the information you have provided and is for internal use ONLY.
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